isei-silva: quick sketch of a Nightborne chara…


quick sketch of a Nightborne character idea I liked but know I won’t have time to play or develop so I’m putting him up for sale if anyone would like to adopt him

He was born with a deformed, underdeveloped arm that was amputated at a young age so with the help of a special runed arm cuff he can summon a magical arm that, more than anything, keeps the shape of an arm on clothing and makes him look “normal”. The arm itself cannot support heavy weight and actively avoids using it to move anything heavier than a small jug of water.

I think it’d be fun for the player to adopt him to develop his character. Would he go get an alternative prosthetic or try to work with his magical arm to make it stronger? Will he learn to grow confident of his ‘disability’ or take longer with it? What was his past like – childhood and growing up? What possibilities await outside of Suramar….?

No name yet – all up to the adoptee! Hope you can give him a good home! 

Please pm me if interested