Dear followers

It would appear we’re at a crossroad here. The artistic freedom on this site has been under scrutiny for some time, and in lieu of a functional solution, staff have decided to pull the plug on all content deemed explicit, erotic, sexual, or deviant. As a consequence a lot of artist will be leaving for good and migrate to twitter.

Meninfantasyart is not directly affected by this, while testing the limits some times, the content is all very SFW. However, this blogs builds upon the content of others, nothing here is produced by me. So when the majority of the people I get my content from decides to leave; it’s about time to make some choices. 

This blog will not be deleted, but it might run out of content once the queue dies. I have started a twitter under the same name, and with the advent of Desember 17th, twitter will be the force majeure or new content.
All data have been backed up.

Thanks for 7 years of your time, hope to see you all on twitter.

PS. happy christmas/holidays