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Nancy Drew

by Fernanda Suarez


Noah and Dorian

Gods, demons, and the eldritch unknown haven’t been able to stop these two. So what’s next?

The Immortal Coil is an ongoing fantasy/scifi series with a supernatural cast that empowers diversity through positive and well-rounded representation of various ethnicities, sexualities, disabilities, and genders. The world is collapsing in on itself from the weight of mankind’s hatred and the resulting chaos has opened the gates of Hell. The Old Gods and other ancient beings have risen after centuries of slumber to join the fray, but not all have humanity’s best interests in mind. It’s up to Dorian, an introverted and often anxious gay telekinetic, and the allies he meets along the way to stave off the apocalypse.

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Library by Duality84


To be in the presence of the man who emerged was to experience nature personified in masculine form—the earthy musk, the raw, mysterious strength and vitality of life uninhibited. He was as much a part of the land as the dirt under his fingernails; he had a body built for war and wilderness with the scars to show for it. Sandy brown hair across his pectorals matched that on his face and head, yet two braids tying back the rest seemed a contradiction to his otherwise unkempt appearance. With light-colored eyes made brighter in contrast to the war paint smeared across his face, his gaze resembled that of a wolf stalking in the forest shadows.

“’Tis an honor, Ascended.” The warrior of the woods kneeled, greeting me in a gruff voice.



“Food, women, and justice —The Ultimate Turner Trifecta.”

It’s been a while, Lyle!

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Updated art of Gaius “Gianluca” the Roman soldier turned God of Darkness from The Immortal Coil series.


(Re)introducing Alabaster Knight Liam Bennett, former Chosen of the Order, cabal leader, and a “pure blood” whose lineage can be traced back to the era of the First Ascended. He sits on the newly reformed council and has enthusiastically pledged his absolute loyalty to the current Ascended. As a child, Liam was among the first to witness the one who would later become this Ascended, which sparked his devout idolization.

He enjoys nothing more than staying active, whether through battle or training tirelessly to hone his already impressive martial and magical skills that have made him arguably the best knight in the Order. A master astrothurgist, he uses aether to distort the fabric of spacetime and bend the universe’s dimensional properties for a host of combat and utilitarian spells. He is also one of the few who have learned how to make practical usage of the paradoxical “Oblivion” element to void the effects of others’ spells.

Liam is otherwise known for his stoic and reticent behavior due to living in his authoritative father’s shadow. Despite his difficulty expressing himself and his usually fierce adherence to the Order’s traditions, Liam has defied his elders to act with compassion and right their injustices. It was his insubordination that saved an innocent life even at the result of sacrificing his own chance to become the Ascended’s Champion.

Infernal Providence – Book 5 of The Immortal Coil series, out everywhere January 2nd, 2019

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